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Corporate Community

Corporate Community

The Corporate Community is the optimal location for members to engage in an active and boundless business community. It is an exclusive experience with a strategic design and location, that encourages members and guests to benefit from shared spaces for business and nonbusiness related matters.

A Place for Connections

The Corporate Community is a multidimensional space for connections, that exudes a corporate yet relaxing atmosphere. The business-centric locations surrounded by local and global enterprises, open doors for members to develop strong business connections within the local and  global network.

Community Essence

A place for minds to meet, conversations to flow, and collaborations to form. Communal spaces and events connect all members and support face-to-face interactions and ever-evolving relationships. These physical spaces and events also serve as escapes from workday stressors, ultimately improving the effectiveness and wellness of members.

Network and Grow

Through strategically designed communal areas and strategically planned events, the Corporate Community accelerates the success of its members through providing profound networking and growth opportunities locally, nationally, globally, and virtually. The Business Hub enables members to share knowledge and collaborate, generate referrals, and increase brand visibility.

Community Areas

Business Hub members, their clients, and their guests, have access to a variety of shared and open spaces, adding to the Corporate Experience.


The Corporate Community organizes, hosts, and promotes activities and events to establish and maintain relationships with and between members. The Business Hub’s vast network serves as an ideal source for event collaboration opportunities. Therefore, members are encouraged to both attend and host events within The Business Hub; members are free to use communal spaces for any event type without the hassle of planning, organizing, or executing it.

How you can gain access to the Corporate Community