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Localized Services

All members have access to a range of support services to help with day-to-day operations, services include, but are not limited to, the following classifications of support:

Project Support

Vital assistance in fulfilling project requirements

  • Prepare project management documents.
  • Follow-up on project progress and highlight risks and slow points.
  • Schedule stakeholder meetings.
  • Develop and maintain the project library along with filing, recording,
    and reporting systems.

Administrative Support

Essential daily office processes

  • Book flights/transportation/accommodation.
  • Create and bind folders and documents.
  • Print, copy, scan, and translate documents.
  • Receive and forward messages, calls, mail, and fax.
  • Design spreadsheets.
  • Manage calendars and set appointments.
  • Publish newsletters.
  • Manage reports (design and development services).

Business Support

An array of on-demand services for any business need

  • Schedule, book, and arrange meetings; take meeting minutes.
  • Manage agendas and organize meetings.
  • Handle customer inquiries.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Order office supplies.
  • Provide general support to visitors.
  • Provide virtual representation.
  • Gather research.
  • Analyze data and generate reports.
  • Distribute, collect, and report questionnaires and surveys.

Corporate Support

Specialized services aiding companies with legal documents and forms

  • Draft and review legal documents.
  • Draft and develop official letters.

Processing Support

Document creation, validation, and interpretation

  • Enter data.
  • Create and edit documents.
  • Proofread documents.