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Corporate Mall

Corporate Mall

The Corporate Mall is the gateway to the local and global Business Hub network. It is a world-class Business to Business (B2B) experience that provides growth and developmental opportunities, along with the ability to participate in ideal collaborations and consortiums.

A Place for Opportunities

The Corporate Mall is a place to seek and offer business opportunities amongst the local and global Business Hub network. In addition to exploring connections between members, The Corporate Mall also actively pursues non-members and expands the network to match counter-parties for every member’s request.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Through a transparent and competitive matchmaking system informed by local market insight, an experienced sales team is available to assist members in structuring requests for complex Business to Business (B2B) services.

A Business-to-Business Ecosystem

The Corporate Mall has four specialized components that allow members to Succeed Locally and Reach Globally, with specialists readily available to support decision makers in strategizing, promoting, and procuring of growth and developmental opportunities.

Matchmaking Services available within the Corporate Mall

Matchmaking Services

The Corporate Mall provides three services to its members that enhance the effectiveness of creating ideal business deals:


Promotion and Visibility

Every Business Hub  member is provided with Promotion and Visibility services to increase their brand recognition across The Business Hub’s local and global network. This  service enables members to promote their profile, services, and products, as well as their business opportunities in the  Corporate Mall’s physical and virtual environments. By utilizing this service, members can enhance their brand awareness to empower their presence, and generate leads.

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Relationship Referral

Every Business Hub  member is provided with Relationship Referral services to increase their sales and opportunities, and to enhance their collaborations. This service enables members with a common profession or shared interest to undertake collaborations to reach a common goal. By forming these strategic alliances, members can merge expertise and resources to create  innovative outcomes. Members are offered multiple comparable price offerings and opportunity briefs for potential matches.

Payment and Delivery

Every Business Hub member is provided with the option of utilizing the Payment and Delivery services to increase their cash flow management efficiency. This service qualifies for approved vendor status that enables members to utilize a fast and secure payment method for B2B transaction; The Corporate Mall pays the clients’ invoices upfront to the vendor and oversees the delivery of the service or product. By utilizing this service, members can optimize B2B interactions without any financial obstacles.

How you can gain access to the Corporate Mall